Get The Facts On Fertilizer

5 December 2015
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In order for plants to thrive and grow, they need proper water, sunlight, and nutrients. Adding fertilizer to your lawn and garden's soil can give your plants an added boost of many good things they need like nitrogen and other essential minerals. Before you purchase fertilizer and apply it to your garden, it's important to understand the facts about it, and what it can do for your plants. Ingredients Not all fertilizers are the same, so it's essential to know what the particular fertilizer you are looking at contains in terms of ingredients. Read More 

3 Awesome Locations To Use Wood Chips In Your Landscaping

26 October 2015
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Wood chips are an excellent resource to use when it comes to landscaping because they not only look appealing, but you are using a recycled resource to landscape your yard. Wood chips work great in areas where you could also use gravel and/or cement, and are generally a lot cheaper. This article will discuss 3 awesome locations to use wood chips in your landscaping. Around All Plants Beds  Wherever you have small plants, flowers, and trees, you can place wood chips to fill the dirt area of these plant beds. Read More 

Traffic- and Drought-Tolerant Nongrass Alternatives for Yards

12 October 2015
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The drought in the western United States is really taking its toll, and even predictions of a strong rainy season ahead aren't enough to set everyone at ease regarding water use. If you're a homeowner in a region affected by this drought, you've likely stopped watering your lawn and have severely reduced your water usage. Unfortunately, the barren expanse that now inhabits your property doesn't look so nice. Here are some drought-tolerant alternatives that could help you keep your lawn green and walkable without using too much water. Read More