3 Awesome Locations To Use Wood Chips In Your Landscaping

26 October 2015
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Wood chips are an excellent resource to use when it comes to landscaping because they not only look appealing, but you are using a recycled resource to landscape your yard. Wood chips work great in areas where you could also use gravel and/or cement, and are generally a lot cheaper. This article will discuss 3 awesome locations to use wood chips in your landscaping.

Around All Plants Beds 

Wherever you have small plants, flowers, and trees, you can place wood chips to fill the dirt area of these plant beds. You will want to begin by placing a couple layers of landscape fabric directly onto the dirt to stop weeds from growing up through the wood chips. You will then pour the wood chips in place until they cover the entire landscape fabric and are quite deep. These wood chips will help to lock the moisture into the soil when you water your plants, and will be great for absorbing and excess water that may gather around your plants. Just be sure to remove fallen leaves and other plant debris from your wood chips when necessary.  

In The Playground Area

If you have small children, then you likely will want to have a playground area in your backyard for your children to play in. This area will most likely have a dirt base that you will want to cover up. Dirt can become quite messy, and when it gets wet it turns into a huge mud pit. In order to avoid this, you can have wood chips cover the entire surface area of the playground. You can enclose the playground area using either cement siding or railroad ties. From there you will then want to once again use a couple layers of landscape fabric to cover the entire ground area. However, since this area is so large, you will want to cover a portion of the ground at a time, and then pour the wood chips into place so that the landscape fabric doesn't move out of place or blow away. 

To Create Paths In Your Yard 

If you want to create walk ways in either your front or your back yard, you can do so using wood chips. Wood chips are perfect for designating walkways, and the wood chips can be kept in place using any type of siding that you would like. You can also place wood chips around pathway stones in order to make a path larger, or accentuate a path area. 

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