What Should Home Gardeners Know About Tow Behind Turf Aerators?

4 April 2022
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Plants need water, fertilizer, and sunlight, but they also need high-quality soil to grow in. In addition to being nutrient-rich, soil must be adequately aerated. Good soil aeration is necessary for proper drainage, oxygenation, and nutrient absorption. You can aerate your soil using a tow behind turf aerator designed for this purpose. Here are some things home gardeners should know about tow behind turf aerators

1. You can fight the effects of compacted soil without wearing yourself out

Tow behind turf aerators replace the labor-intensive task of hoeing the earth. Instead of turning your garden soil square foot by square foot, you can take advantage of specially designed gardening equipment to quickly aerate large plots of land. Tow behind turf aerators are designed with multiple rotating teeth that quickly and easily break up clumps of dirt to allow oxygen to flow freely. Tow behind turf aerators are ideal for small gardeners or anyone who struggles to complete manual labor. Using the right tools for the job can allow you to work smarter instead of harder.

2. You can aerate your soil before each planting season for better plant growth

Some home gardeners grow beautiful flowers, while others focus on growing food crops. There's no right or wrong way to design your garden. However, aerating your soil before each planting season can ensure that anything you grow can flourish. Routine soil aeration can fight the compacting effect of footsteps and rainfall.

3. You can easily store your tow behind turf aerator when it's not in use

Tow behind turf aerators are not large and bulky. Turf aerators designed for home garden use are typically small enough to be stored in a garage, gardening shed, or closet. When you're finished with the task of aerating your garden soil, you can simply detach your turf aerator from the machinery used to tow it. Clean away any excess dirt and mud before storing your turf aerator to ensure that it's ready for your next use.

4. You can attach a tow behind turf aerator to your existing lawnmower

Tow behind turf aerators are designed to attach to motorized vehicles. Farmers typically attach turf aerators to tractors, but home gardeners can attach their turf aerators to ride-on lawnmowers. The ability to use gardening equipment you already own can allow you to save money when investing in tools for soil aeration. Fewer tools also means that less space will be taken up by your gardening equipment.