Important Tips To Keep In Mind When Building An Outdoor Fire Pit

30 December 2020
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An outdoor fire pit can add appeal and better function to your yard. It gives you a place to sit around the fire and roast marshmallows or hot dogs on skewers. It also can be the perfect area to host a party for friends and family members.

However, before you build one, you need to plan for it accordingly. You can use several practical tips to ensure that you get good and safe use out of your outdoor fire pit.

Safe Materials

When you build an outdoor fire pit, you need to plan ahead for what kinds of materials you should use for it. You want to use materials that are flame retardant and not capable of catching on fire. You likewise need to use materials that will not become damaged after repeated exposure to fire and flames.

Some of the more practical materials for building an outdoor fire pit include brick masonry and cinder blocks. You can also use natural limestone or concrete. You want to avoid materials like plastic, vinyl, or wood.


When you build an outdoor fire pit, you also want to make sure that it is accessible. You need to scan your yard and look for the best place to put it. You want to place it in an area where you can easily walk up to the pit and enjoy its warmth and beauty.

However, you also need to consider factors like the pit's proximity to your house and how exposed it is to wind. You may need to build it in an area of the yard that offers a buffer from blowing wind but also is far enough away from the house to prevent sparks from causing a fire.

Steel Ring 

Finally, you need to add a steel ring inside of the center of the outdoor fire pit. This ring is designed to contain the fire safely and prevent it from getting out of the pit. It can also contain any ashes or embers, and can prevent sparks from landing on the yard or flying onto the house or outbuildings. You avoid having to bank the fire with ashes or coals to keep it contained.

These tips can help you build a practical and safe outdoor fire pit. You can build one that will not catch on fire. You can also place it strategically in the yard and retain it with a steel ring.