Are You Designing Your Spring And Summer Garden?

23 April 2020
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Staying home during the current health pandemic might be causing you to feel like you're going stir crazy. At the same time, maybe you are enjoying the opportunity to be home and to work on different house projects. Now that warmer weather has arrived, maybe you are in the process of designing your spring and summer garden. Keep reading for some ideas that might help you have a garden that is worthy of being in a gardening magazine.

Make A List - Before you head to the nursery, think of making a list of the different things you want to use as you landscape your yard. Start your list by looking for topsoil for the different areas of your yard. You won't be buying one kind of topsoil. Instead, concentrate on what you are planting and buy special topsoil for each category.

  • When you select the topsoil for your bedding plants, select a product that has salt, silt, and clay as the foundation for the mixture.
  • The topsoil for your vegetable garden will have ingredients like sand, vermiculite, limestone, perlite, and sphagnum peat moss in the mix.
  • If you have decided to also have potted plants, select topsoil that has ingredients like composted sawdust, peat moss, and organic materials in it.

Perhaps you don't know how much topsoil to order. Fortunately, the workers at your nursery will have the experience to help you with that. 

Make A Plan - Think of organizing as you go. You'll save some time handsome steps, and your planting will probably go more smoothly. 

  • For instance, if you have a multi-tiered water fountain as the focal point of your back yard, think of using all or most of your potted plants to surround the fountain. So, set your bags of the potted plant soil next to the water fountain. Also, leave the pots and the plants you're using next to the fountain.
  • Are you using the bedding plants on each side of the walkway leading to your front door? If so, you'll want to leave those topsoil bags right in the front of your house. 
  • Maybe you are also setting some of your bedding plants on your outdoor patio. Of course, you'll set the bags of topsoil and the bedding plants you're using in that area.
  • Finally, address where you want your vegetable garden. Don't forget that you'll be using a different kind of topsoil for those.

As the months go by, keep checking to see if you need to add more topsoil. That will be especially true if you have heavy rains or very windy days.