4 Tips For Adding Attractive Trees To Your Landscaping Design Without Causing Problems And Hazards Later

7 February 2020
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If you want to add attractive trees to the landscaping around your home, choosing the right trees and the right areas to plant them is important. Choosing the wrong trees and planting trees too close to your home or utilities can cause a lot of headaches later. Therefore, you want to do careful planning when you plan on adding trees to the landscaping around your home. The following tips will help you add attractive trees to the landscaping around your home:

1. Planting Evergreen Trees to Create Valuable Green Screens That Help Add Privacy to Your Home

Evergreen trees can be a great way to add green privacy screens to your landscaping. Talk with your landscaping service about the best shrub and hedge species to use for these features that add privacy to your home. The downside to these trees is that they need to be trimmed constantly, and you do not want to have them planted densely near your home.

2. Planting Attractive Fruit Trees That Help Add Color in Spring and Give You Something to Harvest in Fall

Fruit trees are some of the best options to add trees to your landscaping. This is due to them usually being smaller and easier to care for than some large trees. You will have to prune and shape your fruit trees every year, but they will add beautiful flowers and color to your landscaping in spring. In late summer and fall, you will also have fruit to harvest, which can be cherries, apples, pears, and other fruits.

3. Not Planting Pine Trees and Other Hazardous Tree Species Too Close to Your Home and Vulnerable Areas

There are some tree species that you do not want to plant anywhere near your home. These species include pine trees and other evergreens that can fall during storms or are fire hazards during dry weather. If you do plant these trees, make sure that they are a safe distance from your home.

4. Trimming Attractive Hardwoods and Keeping Tree Roots Away from Pipes

Hardwoods can be an attractive addition to your home that provide valuable shade, but they can cause problems with utilities and your roof when they are too close. First, make sure that any hardwoods are planted at a safe distance from structures. In addition, make sure to annually trim the trees and use root barrier systems to protect any pipes and other utilities that are buried beneath landscaping.

These are some tips that will help you with adding attractive trees to the landscaping around your home. If you are ready to change your landscaping with attractive trees, contact a business like Natorp's Nursery and talk to the employees about adding trees that add value to your home.