Five Things You Need To Do To Take The Lawn Mower Deck Off Of Your Tractor

9 September 2017
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A tractor is an extremely versatile piece of equipment when it comes to maintaining your yard and garden. Most likely, you're using it to do more than just mowing your lawn.

If you use your tractor both to mow and to carry out other tasks, you need to know how to remove the lawn mower deck so that it doesn't interfere with other jobs. The following are five things you need to do to take the lawn mower deck off of your tractor

Take the mower deck out of the carrying position

Your tractor has a hand level on it that allows you to put the deck out of the carrying position. This prepares the connection between the deck and the tractor itself to become detached. 

Allow the front draft arm to disconnect the deck from the tractor frame

The tractor should be set up with a spring-loaded latch. This latch allows the deck to be removed from the tractor frame. It's important to make sure that you've entirely disconnect the front latch of the tractor from the mower deck before you begin trying to take away the mower deck.

Take the deck belt away

The next part you need to focus on is the belt of the mower deck. This belt needs come off of the mower deck before the mower deck can actually be removed from the tractor.

At the time that you take the belt off, you should also examine it to check for damage. Over time, the mower deck belt is likely to become frayed and develop small tears. A mower will not operate as efficiently if the belt is not replaced as soon as possible once these imperfections begin to develop. 

Take the mower deck off of the carrying cable

Your tractor should be set up so that a cotter pin holds the mower deck on to the carrying cable. This pin needs to be pulled up so that the mower deck can be taken off the cable.

It's important to remember to keep track of both the cotter pin and the washer that comes with it because they will be needed to reattach the deck at a later time when the tractor will be used for mowing again. 

Slowly slide the deck off of the tractor

Once all the steps above have been completed, the mower deck can simply be slid out from below the tractor. It's always important to remove the deck on a flat surface because any rises in the ground can obstruct the deck and make it difficult to get it off the tractor.

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