What You Need To Know If You Want A Log Splitter For Your New Skid Steer

8 December 2016
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Are you planning to buy a skid steer? If so, you likely know that there are a number of attachments you can invest in to make your new skid steer a versatile machine. When you think of chopping wood, you likely think about the old-fashioned ax method. You may even have access to an electric saw for your wood cutting needs. These methods generally require the logs to already be pre-cut. This is why a log splitter attachment for a skid steer could offer you more flexibility and make your wood cutting efforts more productive. If your family has been helping you chop wood, they will also likely appreciate that a log splitter attachment can result in less manual labor.

Upside Down Log Splitter

This option is ideal if you want your log splitter to do the majority of the manual labor. You will be able to do most of the labor without needing to exit the skid steer. This type of attachment can split, lift, and move logs. If you have plans to stack your logs, you will need to exit the cab and place them in the desired position. This is usually a step that individuals who are meticulous about their wood cutting perform. 

Vertical-Horizontal Log Splitter

You will appreciate this design option if you frequently have to chop huge logs. You can position the logs in either a vertical or horizontal position as the name suggests. If you prefer not to lift logs, this design option allows users to grip and flip logs onto the base plate where they can be easily transported to the location of your choice. 

Horizontal Log Splitter

This option offers the least flexibility, but it is ideal if your main reason for choosing a log splitter is ease in chopping wood. You will have to exert manual dexterity to use this type of log splitter. Wood can only be split in the horizontal position. 

A company that has skid steers for sale is a good resource to use to determine the various upgrades you can make your skid steer to make your life easier. They can also ensure that you buy attachments that complement your skid steer and lifestyle. For example, the log splitter you choose needs to be compatible with the hydraulic flow of the skid steer you own. This will ensure that the log splitter you choose is not too robust for your skid steer, which could impact performance or cause mechanical failure.