7 Flowers To Keep Your Flowerbed Beautiful All Year

19 July 2016
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What is the trick to a beautiful flowerbed? Luscious roses? Lovely lilies? Or maybe vibrant petunias? All of these flowers are gorgeous, but the best way to have a jaw dropping flowerbed that you can enjoy all year is to choose plants with beautiful foliage as well as plan your garden so something is always blooming. Here are seven flowers that will keep your flowerbed beautiful all year.


This beautiful ground cover has shiny dark green foliage. When in bloom it has delicate, periwinkle flowers. It blooms sporadically throughout the year, sometimes even in winter. The green foliage lasts all year long so even when nothing is in bloom there is still some green in your flowerbed.


If you want to have a flowerbed that has flowers blooming as soon as springs hit, then plant some daffodils. It is one of the first flowers to ring in spring. Its vibrant yellow flowers not only blooms beautifully but also has gorgeous foliage to go along with it.


This flower comes in two tone complementary colors to always keep things interesting. One of the best things about pansies is that they bloom in both spring and winter, depending on your climate type. If your climate is temperate enough, then they will sometimes bloom all year round.


This is another flower that comes in many different colors and also has beautiful foliage when not in bloom. They bloom in summer with some varieties that bloom a second time in late summer. They are easy to grow and also attract butterflies.


This is another flower that comes with foliage that is pretty even when the flower is not in bloom. They bloom bright yellow flowers in late spring. Additionally, they are easy to plant and grow.


This gorgeous plant does a great job at helping your flowerbed look beautiful. It's a plant with interesting leaves that are mainly dark green with a splash of lighter green in the center. They bloom tiny, purple flowers on tall stalks in summer.


This fall plant has attractive tufts of flowers in many different colors. Their mound shapes make them a great choice for containers, but certain varieties can also grow well in a flower bed. They grow best in sunny spots with well drained soil.

You don't need flowers to be in constant bloom to have a beautiful flowerbed. Choose your nursery plants carefully and mainly pay attention to the foliage on your plant. If you do this, as well as making sure that you plant flowers that blooms with each season, then you will ensure that your flowerbed is beautiful all year.